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SnT and SES Launch Joint Lab to Drive Innovation

by University of Luxembourg I 10:49 am, 15th October

SESand the University of Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) announced today the creation of a joint lab that will explore the benefits of high-throughput satellite systems in the areas of next-generation networks, including quantum communications and cybersecurity.

What is sustainable technology?

by Techsense team I 10:58 pm, 11th October

There is no doubt that technology has simplified our lives. It offers the promise of a better world by eliminating deadly diseases and by significantly improving our standard of living. However, resource extraction, pollution of air, water, and soil, and emission of dangerous materials have created conditions for environmental catastrophe and irreversible damage to the biosphere.

WASDI, a spin-off to be followed closely!

by LIST I 10:43 am, 5th October

The magic happened in 2018, when our experts integrated their patented algorithm HASARD into the Earth observation exploitation platform WASDI, developed by Italian company FadeOut Software.Able to generate ever more accurate flood maps in almost real-time, WASDI has played a key role in regions heavily affected by bad weather, such as in Mozambique in March 2019 or in Burma a few months later.

Luxembourg relie les points grâce à des solutions de haute technologie

by Luxinnovation I 10:31 am, 5th October

Plus de 400 participants ont assisté à la journée hybride Tech Day qui a présenté les technologies phares du LIST et a accueilli des intervenants nationaux et internationaux, dont le ministre de l’enseignement supérieur et de la recherche Claude Meisch, le CEO du LIST Thomas Kallstenius et le CEO de l’Agence spatiale luxembourgeoise Marc Serres. Sasha Baillie, CEO de Luxinnovation, faisait également partie des orateurs principaux et a réfléchi à l’évolution du paysage luxembourgeois de la recherche et de l’innovation et à ses réalisations.

CBDC, the Perfect Storm in the Financial Industry ?

by Michaël Renotte I 11:57 am, 1st October

Introduced by John Psaila, Managing Partner of Deloitte Luxembourg, and moderated by Sarah Khabirpour, the 10th edition of Deloitte's Horizon conference was held on September 28 in a hybrid mode. In 2022, Deloitte will offer its event a brand new format. In the meantime, this year's phygital event gathered 50 onsite attendees and 250 online participants. In this article, the first of a series of four, we get into the lecture given by Bruno Colmant.

Cebi : La R&D partagée

by Press release Luxinnovation I 11:52 am, 23rd September

Le 30 avril dernier, Son Altesse Royale le Grand-Duc héritier et le ministre de l’Économie Franz Fayot ont inauguré le nouveau laboratoire d’essais de pointe de Cebi Luxembourg, unique en son genre dans la grande région.C’est l’aboutissement d’un projet initié en 2015 et pour lequel la société s’est aussi appuyée sur les conseils de Luxinnovation.

Business design and the future of business

by PwC Luxembourg Blog I 7:16 pm, 19th September

“People ignore design that ignores people,” stated Frank Chimero, Brooklyn-based brand and product designer, some time ago.Design is and has been an integral part of any successful business for centuries. However, only recently, businesses across the globe have acknowledged more noticeablythe value that design addsto any outcome they are pursuing. Ultimately, in every single industry, financial services included, people decide whether to purchase or invest in something commonly assessing value.

Luxembourg a “strong innovator” in the EU

by Luxembourg Trade & Invest I 9:32 am, 16th September

Luxembourg ranks 7th in the EU and is in the category “strong innovators” in the 2021 edition of the European Innovation Scoreboard. The country stands out in particular for its attractive research system, human resources and intellectual assets?

LIST launches educational 5G awareness project

by Press alert LIST I 11:03 am, 14th September

The introduction of 5G networks both in Luxembourg and worldwide is an upgrade to existing 4G technology but its introduction has raised many questions. It has even led to some confusion at times.

Lancement de la nouvelle édition de Fit 4 Start avec l'ajout d'un programme dédié au calcul de haute performance et à l'analyse de données

by Press release Ministère de l'Economie I 8:39 am, 14th September

Le ministère de l'Économie et Luxinnovation lancent la 12ème édition de Fit 4 Start, le programme luxembourgeois d'accélération. Les jeunes pousses actives dans les domaines des TICs, des technologies de la santé et de l'espace sont invitées à poser leur candidature jusqu'au 4 octobre 2021. La nouveauté de cette édition est un programme spécial dédié au super-calcul et à l'analyse de données qui permettra aux cinq start-ups sélectionnées de profiter d'un programme sur-mesure impliquant le superordinateur luxembourgeois MeluXina.

De la Tech jusque dans vos cheminées ?

by Gentleman Ramoneur I 9:42 am, 9th September

Dans un marché du ramonage peu réputé pour son innovation, Gentleman Ramoneur apporte une expérience rafraîchissante du métier grâce à la digitalisation de la réservation et de la facturation, à la technique propre et innovante du ramonage rotatif par le bas et à un engagement écologique fort en partenariat avec Natur&Emwelt.

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