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What is sustainable technology?

by Techsense team I 10:58 pm, 11th October

There is no doubt that technology has simplified our lives. It offers the promise of a better world by eliminating deadly diseases and by significantly improving our standard of living. However, resource extraction, pollution of air, water, and soil, and emission of dangerous materials have created conditions for environmental catastrophe and irreversible damage to the biosphere.

Turning the Innovation Pyramid into a Cube

by Michaël Renotte I 10:44 am, 6th October

Introduced by John Psaila, Managing Partner of Deloitte Luxembourg, and moderated by Sarah Khabirpour, the 10th edition of Deloitte's Horizon conference was held on September 28 in a hybrid mode. In 2022, Deloitte will offer its event a brand new format. In the meantime, this year's phygital event gathered 50 onsite attendees and 250 online participants. This article, the second of a series of four, summarizes the sessions presented by Leo and Avanti Sharma.

Luxembourg supercomputer MeluXina the greenest in Europe

by Luxembourg Trade & Invest I 10:22 am, 22nd September

Luxembourg’s high performance computer MeluXina has been ranked as the greenest supercomputer in the EU and the 4th greenest in the world. It also ranks 36th among the most powerful high performance computers in the world.

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