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Who We Are

TechSense is the key product of the company The DoTs, the best marketing agency focused on technology, innovation and digital industry. Based in Luxembourg, our services will aim to connect people together, create emulation, and generate leads for your company.

We are a team of +8 people with more than 60 accumulated years of marketing, communication and events experience Thousands of tech decision makers and people from Insurance, Banking, Industry, public sector and well known CEO, entrepreneurs overseas.

What is our Mission

We CONNECT the dots through a multiple way of services and products. We are a Marketing As A Services company which offers the flexibility and personalization that you need to impact your audience and GENERATE NEW LEADS. Thanks our embedded marketing capabilities, our network and experience we want to ACCELERATE your presence on the market. Enjoy the best tech content, lead generation services in the market and benefit from an EXTENDED STRONG NETWORK. Adding a DOT to make a line.

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