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Infrachain Summit 2021 : la blockchain dans l'économie réelle

by Techsense team I 10:34 am, 18th October

Le 18 novembre 2021, des intervenants nationaux et internationaux de haut niveau approfondissent les avantages de la blockchain dans l'Industrie 4.0, l'économie circulaire et les industries créatives.Le ministre Franz Fayot ouvrira la conférence Blockchain avec un discours.

Infrachain-led consortium selected in Gov Tech Lab call

by Techsense team I 11:37 am, 14th October

Infrachain-led consortium was among the applicants selected to participate in the prototyping phase of the "Trust My Data" call for solutions by the Gov Tech Lab Luxembourg. The consortium includes Infrachain, Compellio, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and Talao. Applicants had to submit solution proposals for digitizing and securing the exchange of state-certified data. The solution developed by the consortium is based on the integration of Talao’s wallet with Compellio’s DLT Gateway.

Let’sFixID wins the Infrachain Challenge 2021

by Press release Infrachain a.s.b.l. I 2:37 pm, 7th October

On 5th and 6th October, Edda Luxembourg, InTech, Let’sFixID, Neofacto, The Backstreets Boys and The Luxembourg Institute for Science and Technology (LIST), participated in the second edition of the Infrachain Challenge, the blockchain hackathon. 

5 Surprising Applications of Blockchain

by Techsense Team I 12:55 pm, 20th September

Blockchain is best known as the innovative database technology that forms the foundation of almost all cryptocurrencies. It is an incorruptible, decentralized digital ledger. Blockchain stores sensitive data and publicly validates and distributes transactions in unalterable encrypted ledgers. It is decentralized, making it a fantastic instrument in banking and finance to make international payments, improve capital markets, and streamline trade finance deals. However, blockchain can be used across other industries for other purposes as well. Here are five of them.

Vers une digitalisation intégrale des prêts étudiants grâce à la Blockchain

by Ministère de l'Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche & Ministère de la Digitalisation I 11:35 am, 17th September

Le 16 septembre 2021, Claude Meisch, ministre de l'Enseignement supérieur et de la Recherche, et Marc Hansen, ministre délégué à la Digitalisation, ont présenté la nouvelle procédure de demande des prêts étudiant accordés par l'État luxembourgeois.?

Spuerkeess Partnership Explores New Insights into Blockchain Security

by Université du Luxembourg I 12:45 pm, 13th September

Luxembourg bank Spuerkeess joined forces with SnT in 2018 to investigate how they address the security of blockchain based services, as an important step towards understanding and managing the risks of real world blockchain deployments. It’s a multi-faceted project that will end in March 2022, but – as a side achievement – their research has revealed insights into a popular and unethical practice seen in the blockchain that hosts Ethereum, the world’s second largest cryptocurrency. The team has identified that at least $18.4 million has been syphoned off using so-called ‘frontrunning’ methods, when experimentally validating their developed solution.

What exactly are NFTs and do they hold any value?

by Michael Renotte I 12:49 am, 20th July

NFTs have been in the news lately mostly related to whopping sums of money. The artist Beeple’s first digital-only artwork was auctioned at the Christie’s auction house for an unbelievable $69 million. The winning bidder does not get a painting or a sculpture. Instead, they will receive NFTs.

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