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Save the date for the upcoming Tech Supreme Court - Crypto Edition!


On May 25th, the Hemicycle in Luxembourg will host a one-of-a-kind fictional pop-up court event, where top leaders in the tech industry will gather to discuss and exchange ideas on the pressing issues surrounding the cryptocurrency field.

On this day, charges will be brought by a public prosecutor and heard by a court composed of three judges emeritus, and six jurors from the fields of economics, law, technology, and finance. 

Investors, entrepreneurs, and opinion leaders will share their testimonies and opinions as witnesses.

This innovative event will provide you with a unique opportunity to collaborate, acquire knowledge, and engage with top-notch specialists in the field while exchanging cutting-edge ideas.




2.00 pm: Door Opening

3.00 pm: Presentation of "the protagonists"

3.10 pm: **Opening of the Hearing**

The judges open the hearing.

3.20 pm: **Opening Statements**

The attorney and the prosecutor for each side make an opening statement in which they lay out their version of the facts and what they plan to prove.

3.30 pm: **Presentation of Evidence and Witness Testimony**

 Each side presents their evidence and witnesses. Witnesses are questioned by the attorney who called them (direct examination) and can then be cross-examined by the other side.

5.15 pm: **Closing Statements**

Once all the evidence has been presented, each side makes a closing statement in which they summarize their case and attempt to persuade the jury.

5.30 pm: **Jury Instructions**

The judge gives instructions to the jury about how they should deliberate and the laws applicable to the case.

5.35 pm: **Coffee break and Jury Deliberations**

The jury retires to a special room to discuss the case and decide on the verdict and the visitors enjoy a little break.

6.00 pm: **Verdict**

The jury returns to the courtroom and announces their verdict. 

6.15 pm: Sentencing... or not

6.30 pm : Walking cocktail 

The scheduled times may vary slightly depending on each person's contributions. The majority of the trial will be conducted in French but will be simultaneously translated into English.


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