What is Indutech?

Techsense Team I 4:19 pm, 19th November

Indutech or Industrial Technology is the engineering and technology applied in the industrial setting to make processes faster and more efficient. Industrial technology requires not only the technology tools that make work simpler, but also skilled technologists who are proficient in using these technological tools. With IT and computer applications becoming an increasingly important part of industrial technology, IT managers in an organization and IT companies that offer technology and consultancy services play a crucial role in this field.

What are the types of Industrial Technology?

Broadly, industrial technology refers to all the technology used in the manufacturing industry. But more specifically, there are a few types of industrial technology that are more commonly used today.


Automation is probably by far the most widely adopted industrial technology in this day and age. Industrial automation is the use of technology like control systems, computing, and robotics to make processes faster, reduce human intervention and improve efficiency. CIOs and IT managers can play a crucial role in this field, pioneering new automation projects for the industry that require the skills and expertise of IT teams at every step.

Automation in industry can lead to significant cost-cutting as many of the repetitive tasks not needing human intervention can be automated to free the human resource for more productive work. It reduces the number of people that need to be employed, frees up machine time, and increases production as the entire process becomes faster.

Data and Analytics

This is another area of industrial technology today where IT managers and CIOs have a significant role to play. Data and analytics technology is an integral part of business in today’s world, including in the manufacturing industry. Information is the key to success in every area of manufacturing or processing. Right from the stage or market analysis to customer satisfaction data, information and IT tools play a very important role in decision-making and improving the overall experience.

Many industries are now outsourcing their data analytics functions to IT companies that help with consultancy in these fields.

Computer-aided design and additive manufacturing

One of the latest manufacturing technologies is additive manufacturing that also employs computer-aided design. With this technology, the manufacturing of a product is done by depositing material instead of cutting off excess material as in the case of traditional manufacturing. This technology is also known as 3D printing.

The designs are prepared digitally and input to the 3D printing machines, which execute the design to create the final product.

Computer numeric control

Numerical control is the technology that aids in controlling manufacturing processes like 3D printing, turning, laser cutting, and other operations where the machines can be remotely controlled or programmed. This technology also requires sound technical knowledge of computers, software, and programming. This makes it another domain of interest for IT managers and teams.

There are several other industrial technologies too, that have been implemented through the years and the landscape is constantly evolving. What is evident from the popular industrial technologies we’ve witnessed above is that IT has become an integral part of industry. New developments and innovations will make more and more processes in the manufacturing industry dependent on IT. CIOs contributing to the advancement of the manufacturing industry must make the best of this opportunity and encourage their IT managers and teams to come up with more innovations to drive this revolution.

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