Turning the Innovation Pyramid into a Cube

Michaël Renotte I 10:39 am, 6th October

Introduced by John Psaila, Managing Partner of Deloitte Luxembourg, and moderated by Sarah Khabirpour, the 10th edition of Deloitte's Horizon conference was held on September 28 in a hybrid mode. In 2022, Deloitte will offer its event a brand new format. In the meantime, this year's phygital event gathered 50 onsite attendees and 250 online participants. This article, the second of a series of four, summarizes the sessions presented by Leo and Avanti Sharma.

Leo Sharma is the nineteen-year-old Co-Founder and Vice President Technology of Workshop4me, a non-profit organization that teaches children how to become the problem solvers of the future through programming and other technological skills.

Leo believes that the fundamentals of innovation stands as one of the least understood principles. He presented two perspectives to address this. 

The first perspective relates to the boundaries of innovation. According to him, leading experts often have a limited understanding of the future potential of their own area. "When it comes to looking at what lies ahead, they fall in the same traps as their predecessors and end up saying that nature or knowledge have a finite boundary", he said.