RoomMate, the Luxembourg PropTech startup, completes its 2nd fundraising round

RoomMate press release I 8:53 pm, 3rd March

RoomMate is pleased to announce the closing of its 2nd equity round of EUR 600,000, from LBAN, a pool of private visionary business angels and real estate experts. The closing is a strong signal with regard to RoomMate’s growth ambitions, strengthening its position in the real estate IT sector at a European level, by offering consumers a fully integrated solution for their Property Management processes. The four Italian co-founders Mattia Raffaelli, CEO, Francesco Cotugno, CDO/COO, Matteo Bucci and Mirko Martignon, CTOs, would like to thank the funds and private investors that have supported us this far.

Strategic Rationale

The closing of the 2nd round will enable RoomMate to accelerate the digital transformation of the real estate ecosystem through its scaled R&D capabilities and flexible company structure. With the disruptive Channel Manager completely new options are now open to us and our customers, including the strong listing rating tool. International real estate players like SpotaHome, UniPlaces, and HousingAnywhere are already official partners, having actively worked with RoomMate in 2021 in the sharing of the methodologies and customers’ feedback for products development and fine-tuning.

By accelerating and optimizing our landlords’ workflow through our solutions, there has been a 92.8% occupancy rate in the last year with an average of EUR 2 million in collected rent. Our current clients, through Estelle, have in the last year generated a total of 4,063 added leases thanks to our automatized solution, facilitating the data exchange between landlord and tenants.

Landlords' goal is to maximise their ROI. Our platform does just that by saving them time and money, ensuring transparency and accountability by one single and intuitive dashboard. Just last year 81% of our clients grew their portfolio.

RoomMate now has a presence in over 5 countries, holding positions in major European countries, including Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, France, and DACH region. In 2022 RoomMate is dedicated to platform development, enlarging customers base, pursuing consolidation, and exploring new business avenues to catalyze and support the sector.

The combination of RoomMate Estelle, Channel Manager, and Places Web App offers a multidisciplinary solution from a single source. Specifically for the public and private landlords, tenants, universities, and real estate professionals active in the mid-to-long-term rentals and co-living.

Mattia Raffaelli, CEO of RoomMate S.A., commented: “The ICT sector in the real estate industry in the coming years will inexorably face an important digital transformation and a global consolidation process, certainly in Europe. Investments in R&D, UX/UI, integration, and customer assistance are vital to maintaining competitiveness. New business models that need initial investment all require a proper platform that ensures a fast, secure, and complete property management software integrated into a more comprehensive ecosystem, addressing specific needs of the different parties involved. Our strategy is to offer an omnichannel solution, focused on our property mgmt dashboard, Channel Manager, exchange data function, e-services, monitoring portfolio performances tool, agency costs- cut, and time-saving. All of these functions will all have a positive impact on all the parties who operate thanks to our solutions. We look to tap into these changes and support the sector with our expertise and systems”.

“The channel manager of RoomMate, like the PMS RoomMate Estelle, that we have been using for some time", - Explained by Luca Pasca, CEO of Kamchu - "allows us to manage availability and the main topics of our properties just in a super-easy way: everything happens from a single, user-friendly and intuitive environment. Without the channel manager, I had to access (and log in) into each individual portal, repeating the same operation on each channel used. With the channel manager, all this is automated.”

These partnerships allow RoomMate’s clients to increase the profitability of their real estate portfolio, by increasing their occupancy rate and decreasing the length of their vacancies.

Source: RoomMate

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