LuxProvide and DataChef harness MeluXina Supercomputer for the development of an ultra-fast, accurate, and efficient Large Language Model

LuxProvide I 11:13 am, 27th November

Bissen, Luxembourg, November 27, 2023 - LuxProvide, the national Luxembourgish leading provider of high-performance computing solutions, and DataChef, a Dutch leading consultancy firm specializing in data-driven solutions, have recently signed their new business partnership and are ready to share the results of their first project. 

DataChef has always relied on public cloud services for the development of its data projects. However, the rapid growth in the use of AI models such as LLM (Large Language Model) and generative AI, brought new challenges to the training process of the models, it became necessary to access high-performance computing resources that allow shorter development cycles and faster results.

"Aware of the growing computing and data expertise needs of complex AI models, as well as the value that supercomputing can bring to the game, we decided to join our forces in developing projects and solutions that can accelerate customer innovation in the markets in which we operate" says Filipe Pais, Chief Customer Success Officer at LuxProvide.

To validate their beliefs and solidify their partnership, DataChef and LuxProvide decided to embark on a joint pilot project. The main objective was to test an LLM model (Large Language Model) in an HPC environment, aiming to achieve results beyond what can be accomplished in public clouds.

The project involved deploying an app that utilizes the power of LLM embeddings to perform semantic searches on Wikipedia's English content. By specializing in semantic research, DataChef aimed to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their data analysis.

LuxProvide played a crucial role in this project. They provided a Kubernetes cluster instance within their Cloud module. Additionally, GPU (Graphic Processing Unit) allocation was facilitated through the GPU accelerator module, enabling DataChef to leverage powerful computing capabilities.

In the words of DataChef CEO, Ashkan Roshanayi, “The partnership with LuxProvide proved to be invaluable, offering several advantages. If, on the one hand, there is total guarantee regarding the security and sovereignty of data, on the other hand, the cutting-edge HPC infrastructure combined with the strong knowledge of both teams allows data science projects to be accelerated with a strong improvement in the results obtained. Finally, the platform's simple pricing model and no hidden costs, allows you to have a clear and precise idea of the costs associated with a project. The combination of LuxProvide's HPC and data expertise with our knowledge in data science will bring great benefits to our clients”.

In conclusion, the combination of LuxProvide's HPC and data expertise with DataChef’s knowledge in data science has revolutionized their approach to AI projects. By harnessing the power of high-performance computing, they have achieved exceptional results and experienced the reliability, security, and scalability that LuxProvide's infrastructure provides. This collaboration sets the stage for future advancements in data solutions and paves the way for cutting-edge innovations in the industry.

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