Empowering Businesses with Supercomputing: Diem BUI’s Vision at LuxProvide

LuxProvide I 11:57 am, 6th June

As a Senior Solution Engineer specializing in Data Science and AI products in the Finance and Healthcare sectors, Diem BUI architects, designs, and implements robust and breakthrough Data and AI solutions that align with LuxProvide customers' AI strategies and market needs. Her endless motivation and passion are to help businesses harness the power of data and leverage the supercomputer MeluXina to gain insights, build scalable products, and achieve leadership in a competitive market. 

We explored her work at LuxProvide and discussed the company's development in the Luxembourg market during an exclusive interview, part of a four-part series featuring LuxProvide leaders.

From public clouds to supercomputing: Diem BUI's journey to master HPC

"I joined LuxProvide in September 2021 with zero experience in the supercomputing field, although I had extensive experience working with public cloud providers like Google Cloud Platform, IBM, and Azure daily. It took me a while to explore the potential and differences between HPC and public clouds. Now, I’m confident in my ability to leverage MeluXina’s capabilities to deliver exceptional results for our clients. I’ve grown from learning the basics of supercomputing to mastering its intricacies, and now I’m leading challenging projects with major partners and companies, mainly in the financial sector, that integrate AI, especially Large Language Models, Deep Learning, and big data solutions with HPC".

Making MeluXina an accessible tool for all

"Our audacious goal is to make the supercomputer MeluXina an accessible tool for everyone. This proactive approach is achieved by organizing hands-on workshops and training sessions tailored to customers’ specific needs and their HPC maturity levels. Our solutions and implementation team provides end-to-end solutions from consulting, architecture, development, integration, and ongoing assistance. Additionally, we showcase use-case-based approaches through success stories, white papers, and position papers that highlight the impact of MeluXina. Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 to provide technical assistance at different incident levels".

Engaging in innovation: LuxProvide collaborations with organizations and research institutions

"We stand out for our unique vision to make a positive impact on society, underpinned by a strong commitment to privacy and confidentiality. Our vision drives us to act as the backbone behind each innovation and breakthrough research. We partner with public research institutions and the University of Luxembourg, while also co-developing solutions with enterprises and major business players in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. We support the growth of startups with initiatives like Initiate and an 80% Cashback program. Additionally, we actively engage with the HPC and supercomputing community through open-source projects, hackathons, and mentoring programs".

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