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Business design and the future of business

PwC Luxembourg Blog I 6:13 pm, 15th September

“People ignore design that ignores people,” stated Frank Chimero, Brooklyn-based brand and product designer, some time ago. 

Design is and has been an integral part of any successful business for centuries. However, only recently, businesses across the globe have acknowledged more noticeably the value that design adds to any outcome they are pursuing. Ultimately, in every single industry, financial services included, people decide whether to purchase or invest in something commonly assessing value. 

The words ‘design’ and ‘design thinking’ have joined the list of the ‘buzzwords’ of the decade, being thrown around in summits, workshops, conferences and even in the office’s small break room. It’s to reckon, though, that not everyone using these terms fully understands what they stand for. 

This article is introductory, a sort of 101 content piece to revisit and discern what design and design thinking are; this, in turn, gives us room to introduce business design and how important it is for the future of the consulting business.  

Yes, design is a key, staple factor in the value equation. 

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