Artificial Intelligence - A European approach to excellence and trust.

by European Commission I 10:49 am, 22nd September

Artificial Intelligence is developing fast. It will change our lives by improving healthcare (e.g. making diagnosis more precise, enabling better prevention of diseases), increasing  the  efficiency  of  farming, contributing  to climate change mitigation and adaptation, improving the efficiency of production systems through predictive maintenance, increasing the security of Europeans, and in many other ways that we can only begin to imagine.

At the same  time, Artificial Intelligence(AI) entails a number of potential risks, such as opaque decision-making, gender-based or other kinds of discrimination, intrusion in our private lives or being used for criminal purposes.

Against a background of fierce global competition, a solid European approach is needed, building on the European strategy for AI presented in April 2018. To address the opportunities and challenges of AI, the EU must act as one and define its own way, based on European values, to promote the development and deployment of AI.

The Commission is committed to enabling scientific breakthrough, to preservingthe EU’s technological leadership and to ensuring that new technologies are at  the service of all Europeans–improving their lives while respecting their rights.

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