Name: Mr. John Karp

Designation: CEO, NFT Factory and organizer of the Non Fungible Conference


John Karp is an entrepreneur and has been evolving for fifteen years in the field of technology. Specialized in mobile applications, he co-founded Food Reporter, a precursor of culinary social networks, then BeMyApp where he organizes hackathons where developers have 48 hours to design an original application.

John became interested in NFTs at the very beginning of the March 2020 lockdown, first as an investor and then as a collector. Captivated by this universe, he now devotes a french podcast to it, NFT Morning, alongside his partner Rémy Peretz. And since that wasn't enough for him, he decided to share his passion and his experience of NFTs in the book NFT Révolution and to gather the European communities with an Event called the Non Fungible conference.

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