Name: Mr. Jean-Paul Scheuren

Designation: Director at BlocHome

Company: BlocHome


Jean- Paul Scheuren started his professional career with the Fédération des Artisans.

In 2002, he joined a renowned construction and real estate development company as administrative and financial director. Today, he continues his career in the field of real estate development as a director of the Claude Konrath Group.

He joined the CIGDL committee in 2008 and became its president in 2012. Since 2012, he has been a sponsor and co-investor in the House of Biohealth project and since 2022 in the HE:AL Campus project, accelerators for innovative companies in Lifescience. In 2021 he is launching the start-up, a project based on the digitisation and tokenisation of residential projects opening up new avenues for progressive access to real estate ownership."

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