Fashion’s Future Moment

by Metaverse Marketing I3:14 pm, 8th June

In this episode of Adweek’s Metaverse Marketing podcast, it will discuss what fashion could be when divorced from physics and explored only as a creative expression, how direct-to-avatar might just be the next direct-to-consumer, and perhaps the most important question of all, what will you wear in the metaverse?

In this podcast, the Dutch startup The Fabricant is highlighted, as it created a sensation in the fashion industry with the launch of its Iridescence dress, a luminous cape-like dress that glowed with purple highlights. But it is not ordinary dress.

The Iridescence dress is a digital asset that was auctioned on the blockchain for $9,500 and delivered by digitally tailoring the dress onto the photos of the buyer. For those paying attention to what is happening in the fashion industry, it was this sale that made us rethink what is valuable in fashion.

Listen to this Adweek podcast to discover more about this topic.

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