Webinar: Create an Amazing B2B Customer Experience

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11:00 am, 28th March

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about the event

This 28 March 2024, attend an interactive and inspiring webinar where ASP will showcase the power of ServiceNow in transforming your B2B customer experience.

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What will you learn?

1. Effortless Self Service 

- Discover the Customer Service Portal and its features such as Knowledge Management, Service Catalog and Case Creation.

- See how to display to each customers it’s assets.

- Explore how Customer Contact’s can follow his case progress through Notifications and further interact with the support agent until validating the solution provided, and eventually fill in a Survey.

- Have an Intelligent conversation with Virtual Agent (Chatbot) leveraging AI and Machine Learning to Create and Update a Case, check Cases Status,  or request to talk to a live agent.

2. Enabling Efficient Customer Agent Experience through CSM workspace

- ASP’s ServiceNow experts will show how CSM workspace increases your customer agent productivity.

- See Customer Service Agent’s ability to work on this case and resolve it quickly with full view on case context, back-end information and customer support case history.


They will also delve into the omni-channel capabilities of ServiceNow CSM, demonstrating how agents can provide a seamless and consistent experience across channels like Email, Portal and Virtual Agent.

Target Audience

- B2B Service Operation Managers

- Contact Center managers

- Customer success and support managers

- Anyone looking to improve customer experience and self-service capabilities


Register now and learn how ServiceNow can help you:

- Reduce customer effort and frustration

- Increase agent productivity and satisfaction

- Deflect simple cases and free up resources

- Gain valuable insights into customer behavior

- Deliver a seamless and consistent omnichannel experience




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