Luxembourg Internet Days

Chambre De Commerce, Rue Alcide de Gasperi, Luxembourg

9:00 am, 15th November

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about the event

After two successful digital editions, the Luxembourg Internet Days event is now back as a live event!

Back in its original format that has made it a must event for the IT and ICT professionals of the Greater Region -and beyond-, the Luxembourg Internet Days 2022 will for the ninth year in a row address key topics related to the Internet challenges.

Network Security and Resilience, and fight against evolving (D)DoS Challenges will be treated with the pragmatic and technical angle that makes the event’s success.

Open to IT, ICT and OT (Operational Technology) decision makers from all sectors (banking, industry, health, telecom, critical sectors, etc.), this edition will gather them all around experts to discuss ways to strive against the increasing pressure of the increasing threats and time-consuming actions whilst effectively protecting their organizations.


- SWG (Secure Web Gateways),

- SIEM (security information and event management systems),

- SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response),

- XDR (eXtended detection and response),

- NIPS/NIDS (network intrusion prevention/detection systems),

- Back up methodologies, risks and solutions,

- Security monitoring,

- (D)DoS attack mitigation ((Distributed) Denial of Service),

- And more…

DURING the two days, visitors will have the opportunity to:

- Listen to and share with experts during conferences and networking sessions,

- Participate to multiple interactive workshops, and panel discussions,

- Visit the Expo (up to 50 stands),

- Network with peers and create new contacts,

- Join the Sunset Eve (nov. 15 evening – paying),

- Etc.


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