Cyber Defense Workshop

Campus Contern Sàrl, Rue Edmond Reuter, 5326 Contern, Luxembourg

1:15 pm, 27th September

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about the event

On Tuesday 27th September 2022, Damovo will host a Cyber Defense Workshop that is focused on operationalizing the Cyber Defense Matrix in all types of organisations. During this workshop, which will take approximately 4 hours, we will work together around the Cyber Defense Matrix and focus on deep knowledge exchange between participants.

At Damovo, we strongly believe that sharing knowledge, expertise, and experiences drives everybody to be better. Building on that philosophy, we look forward to host cyber security professionals of diverse backgrounds and work together to find new insights, approaches, and strategies that help all of us to be more efficient and effective in building, developing, and managing our security programs.

The Cyber Defense Matrix (CDM) is a framework originally created by Sounil Yu that can help us understand what we need to do to defend our most critical assets. Since its publication it has found uses beyond its original product mapping purpose. It has helped organisations around the world to build, improve, and communicate about their cyber security programs. At Damovo we have also found several uses for this matrix throughout our portfolio management, our services, and knowledge management.

We invite every motivated security professional that is eager to bring their best self to a cooperative event to register. There are absolutely no prerequisites apart from being ready to share with your fellow professionals.

Programme : 

- 13h15 Welcome

- 13h30 Cyber Defense Matrix Introduction

- 13h45 Workshop IDENTIFY

- 14h45 Workshop PROTECT & DETECT

- 15h45 Workshop RESPOND & RECOVER

- 16h45 Fire Talks (1hr, 10 minutes per talk)

- 17h45 Closing


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