Women Entrepreneurs to Watch Out For in 2022

Techsense Team I 8:00 am, 8th March

Women have always had it hard, having to juggle multiple roles and responsibilities. However, that doesn't stop them from being successful in whatever field they choose, including business. The current digital landscape is giving more opportunities to women to become successful entrepreneurs. Having said that, here are some women entrepreneurs to watch out for in 2022.

Ana Reed

Ana Reed is the founder of Newmanity, a leadership consultancy that helps businesses become more human-centric. She has successfully worked as a leadership entrepreneur for over a decade, working with some of the world's top CEOs.

Ana was a professional athlete who was fascinated by how understanding the body, mind, and emotions can help improve leadership. She also realized that many companies failed to leverage human potential. With Newmanity, Ana provides human-centric transforms across a multitude of industries, including e-commerce, consumer healthcare, infrastructure, mining, retail, and more.

Sabina Munshi

Sabina Munshi is the force behind Bareskin, one of the leading skincare brands in Singapore. Bareskin has been ranked by Nylon as the Number 1 skincare label in Singapore and has also been featured on Business Times. Sabina is an alchemist by profession, and all her products are non-toxic, highly effective, and gender-neutral.

Bareskin has already garnered a cult following in Singapore and is all set to go international. It definitely makes Sabina Munshi an entrepreneur you need to keep your eyes peeled for in 2022.

Gabriella Maria

If someone is making waves in the world of business, it has to be Gabriella Maria. Co-founder and CMO of the Latona Lifestyle brand, Gabriella is more popular as a New Jersey lifestyle blogger.

Latona Lifestyle is a streetwear brand that is all about being true to yourself. Although a new startup, the brand is killing it in sales and has also been invited to the 2022 Winter Fashion Week in Italy.

Ashwani Asokan

There is no doubt that women have created an incredible presence in the tech industry, and Ashwini is a tech entrepreneur to watch out for in 2022. She is the co-founder of Mad Street Den, an Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision company. With more than a decade of experience in Silicon Valley, Ashwini has also been featured in Fortune's 40 under 40 lists.

Mad Street Den has been revolutionizing the fashion industry and has several well-known investors, including Array Ventures, Falcon Edge Capital, Global Brain Capital, Sequoia Capital.

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