TN’Teens 2024: Empowering tomorrow’s tech leaders

Nastassia Haux I 5:05 pm, 5th April

The third edition of TN’Teens took place on March 28th, 2024 for a day mixing fun and learnings in the technological field. With increasing success, the event once again packed the conference hall of the Digital Learning Hub, attracting 250 students. This special annual day aims to bring together industrial actors and digital talents of tomorrow from various schools in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. 

For the third consecutive year, TN’Teens happened and immersed young individuals into the heart of technology, providing them with the chance to be at the forefront of the latest innovations and engage with industry experts. Encouraging exploration of this path, TN’Teens aims to ignite passion and uncover genuine vocations. As the future representatives of the tech industry, these young minds hold the potential to become its leaders in the coming years. This gathering is designed to provide access to education, offering a unique opportunity for participants to gain insights into the diverse possibilities of technology and discover the excitement of working in this field.

A morning of learnings in five tech fields 

High schoolers kicked off their day with a series of workshops, led by prominent figures in Luxembourg’s tech industry: Avanti and Leo Sharma from Workshop4Me, representatives from Scienteens Lab, Oracle Academy, BEE Secure, LALUX, Christophe Bianco – Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Excellium –, Luxembourg Tech School, Orange Luxembourg with LetzAI, and Virtual Rangers. Each of these workshops offered the younger generation a hands-on, interactive approach to learning, around the captivating realms of AI, blockchain, coding, virtual reality, and cybersecurity. For instance, one group of students learned to develop a social media app, while another one discovered the intricacies of building their own Paintbot app.     

Unveiling surprises and spreading laughter: Highlights of the Big Quiz and guest appearances  

After a well-deserved lunch break, the attendees were more than ready to test their knowledge during an interactive knowledge test, called the “Big Quiz”. However, just before the quiz began, some surprises were in store for them. 

The entire game was hosted by Avanti and Leo Sharma, respectively Pre-Teen Technology Specialist and founder & VP Technology at Workshop4me, for the third consecutive year. They welcomed Kamel Amroune, CEO of The Dots to the stage for an exciting rapid-fire round featuring both personal and tech-related questions. 

Next, three intriguing and unexpected guests stepped forward to address the audience. Bruno Cavaleiro, “échevin à la Jeunesse” of Ville d’Esch, shared encouraging words to highlight the significance of initiatives like TN’Teens in providing the emerging generation with a unique opportunity to uncover and embrace the possibilities of technology, particularly in the professional sphere. Following his remarks, Wahib Kabache, humorist, and Ayoub Marceau, humorist from the Jamel Comedy Club, took the stage, spreading laughter and smiles among the young attendees, further brightening their spirits. 

Who’s the winner of the Big Quiz Edition 3? 

Avanti and Leo led the students into the Big Quiz. They were encouraged to showcase their understanding of the previously mentioned five tech concepts, along with general knowledge. For the final round, each of the five finalists received mentorship from a member of the Luxembourg technology community. 

Damien LORENT GONZALEZ from Lycée Vauban, Ecole et Lycée Français de Luxembourg, won this 2024 edition of the Big Quiz, mentored by Laurent Couturier, Armacell, and the THECIO24 prize winner. He and the four other finalists won amazing gifts from our sponsors and partners: Orange Luxembourg, Ville d’Esch, Lalux, Kinepolis, Francofolies, La Mondiale Europartner, Oracle Academy, IPSO FACTO, Sport4Lux and Reelook. 

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