TNT Symposium 29th November : Human.First !

Michael Renotte I 4:39 pm, 10th October

TNT Symposium is back for its second edition with a brand-new thematic. On November 29th, 2022, at the European Convention Center Luxembourg, this unique event will bring together Technology, Innovation and Digital decision-makers for a human-centric evening.


It is often stated that technology must be at the service of Humanity, but this year we will go deeper into the topic and show how much this field, which appears to be purely cold and impersonal in nature, can be a source of emotions for human beings. At the heart of our lives, it’s our concerns, our constraints, our failures but first and foremost our joys and our successes that will be explored. An immersion into human thoughts, feelings and experiences!

Agenda: what’s on the programme?

4:00pm – The conference sponsored by Accenture will immediately immerse the attendees to the heart of the topic with the “Radically Human” keynote. During this session, Marc Carrel-Billiard, Global Technology Innovation Lead at Accenture will approach the place of the human being in new technologies in light of the evolution of the tech business.

After this first intervention, an expert from AWS, Kristine Howard, Head of Developer Relations APJ will address the audience.

The show climax will be surprise interventions of well-known stand-up comedians: Redouanne Harjane, Ayoub Marceau, and Marine Ella. Promising, all 3 have something in common: the Jamel Comedy Club. They will bring casualness and laughs to the audience, still tackling tech topics.

6:00pm – The evening part of the event will start with a Networking cocktail.

8:00pm – This year, the VIP seated dinner (upon invitation – almost full) sponsored by Deloitte Luxembourg will gather more than 500 Technology, Innovation and Digital decision-makers.

10:30pm – Finally, 10:30pm will be the time to end this enthralling TNT Symposium with an after party to celebrate Human one last time.

2 awards, 2 recognitions of Technology, Innovation, and Humanity

During the evening, 2 prizes will be granted:

The THECIO23 Prize: After having rewarded Vincent Arnal last year, TechSense has to find the new ambassador of the Luxembourg tech decision makers' community throughout 2023. This prize recognizes the contribution of a CIO to the influence of the Luxembourg Tech, Innovation & Digital community according to three criteria: Technology, Humanity, and Empowerment. And this is indeed the center of our subject.

Luxembourg Tech Firm of the year: The Luxembourg tech ecosystem is developing the HITS of the future! This year at TNT Symposium, TechSense will reward a tech company having put in place initiatives around 4 criteria: Human, Inspiration, Technology, and Sustainability (HITS).

TNT Symposium 2022 is made possible by the trust and involvement of Deloitte , Accenture, Amazon Web Services, Anidris, BEYN, EBRC, LuxNetwork, POST, Salesforce, and System Solutions.

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