PwC Luxembourg signs an alliance with Dataiku

PWC Luxembourg I 10:41 am, 27th April

As part of an ongoing investment strategy in technology, PwC Luxembourg  announces the signing of an alliance with Dataiku to strengthen its offer to its clients with a solution that brings business and data expertises together with a data platform to empower clients’ teams and deliver AI at scale.

In a global market where most organisations are moving quickly towards Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is key to systemise the use of data & AI across all teams in an organisation, while properly governing these activities. 

When it comes to using AI applications developed by a team of Data Scientists across the organisation, the path to deliver these applications at scale is often complex. Business, Data and IT teams need a systemised approach that balances the power of technology, brings people together to apply their talents, and gives teams collaborative tools for managing AI projects.

This is why PwC Luxembourg has teamed with Dataiku to offer its clients a solution that brings business and data expertises together with a data platform to empower teams and deliver AI at scale. 

Dataiku is one of the leading Data Science & MachineLearning Platforms. PwC Luxembourg is leveraging Dataiku to accompany clients from A to Z in their Data & AI transformation and has a strong business/industry knowledge, which allows the firm to best understand clients’ challenges and define their future AI solutions. PwC Luxembourg has certified experts on Dataiku who are able to support architecture design, solution deployment and AI applications implementation.

The core focus areas include: Co-design and implement data & AI use cases in production, Change management, Business teams upskilling and Data scientists training. 

Clients can also watch out for further developments. For example, Platform as-a-Service  is expected for later this year. This means PwC Luxembourg can host Dataiku for clients so they can deploy AI models and create business apps in a secure and isolated environment without having to deploy the platform on their infrastructure.

 Later on, PwC will offer "AI as-a-Service" solutions to automate the reporting of its clients or provide ready-made AI models.

Source : PwC Luxembourg

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