OXYLIOM SOLUTIONS become XAYone – Rebranding Announcement

XAYone I 4:00 pm, 16th December

We are excited to announce that we are rebranding with a new name, a new logo and a new website. Oxyliom Solutions is now XAYone – Phonetically pronounced [ZAY-ONE].

We are changing our brand identity but our mission still the same: 

Enable every organization drive its digital success and deliver secure and compliant digital experiences. 

Owing to our next growth phase, our brand is now having a new glance that fit more our identity. The brand identity upgrade is not the only thing to expect, there’ll also be an expansion and evolution concerning our platform and services. 

Introducing XAYone

New Logo and Color Scheme 

The word XAYone means “One Thing”. ONE comprehensive solution over a broad range services, dealt in ONE complete platform, to secure your business and deliver seamless digital experiences to your customers. Our Logo is a bicolor logotype that can also be used as a letter mark, represented by the sliced “X” of XAYone.

New Website

Our website have also had a true breath of fresh air. With a new design and new features tailored to allow potential clients surely find their needs and explore how we can best help them secure their business.

Our offer news 

More than a name changing, our platform’s solutions will be showing in a new version. The whole team has done a significant job to bring a more advanced version of the platform – now  named “XAYone Platform” –, presenting other essential services to provide smooth and secure digital experiences.


At XAYone, we make sure to enable every organization drive its digital success and deliver secure and compliant digital experiences. We help organizations achieve it by delivering an All-In-One platform with modern, secure, and regulatory-compliant solutions.

If you are already a customer, be sure that we will do our best to keep delivering the service you’ve trusted. If you’re not a customer yet and you are looking for delivering secure digital experiences, you can contact our experts and tell us more about your project.

Get In Touch : sales@xayone.com

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