Mission Accomplished for TN'Teens!

Michaël Renotte I 3:10 pm, 4th April

This first edition of TN'Teens that took place on March 31st at the Digital Learning Hub's "Les Terres Rouges" building in Belval attracted over 100 young participants from various high schools in Luxembourg for a day of challenges, learning and fun.

The program started with a morning of workshops dedicated to some of the challenges, opportunities and issues that arise from using digital technologies, i.e. topics such as misinformation, data protection, blockchain, trust, etc. One of the groups could even learn how to create their own voice calculator app! Those workshops have been made possible through the involvement of institutional and socio-economic partners including Workshop4Me, APSI, Luxembourg Blockchain Lab, and Digital Learning Hub

In the afternoon, the event continued with a big quiz game gathering over 70 players and culminating in a final round where the contestants were mentored by some figures from the Luxembourg technology community: Laurent Pulinckx, CIO of Bourse de Luxembourg, Matthieu Bracchetti, CIO of Virtual Rangers, Mustapha Rahem, B to C Sales Director at Orange Luxembourg, Madhumalti Sharma, founder and president of Workshop4Me, and Eddy Nicolas, Head of IT at LALUX.

The game was hosted by Leo and Avanti Sharma. Leo is the twenty-year-old co-founder and VP Technology of Workshop4me, a non-profit organization that teaches children how to become the problem solvers of the future through programming and other technological skills. Avanti, Leo's younger sister, is a Pre-Teen Technology Specialist at Workshop4me.

TN'Teens also welcomed two special guest stars: Bob Lennon, a YouTuber, video game specialist and writer, and BatFlunch, whose YouTube channel has over 1 million subscribers and whose most popular video has exceeded 2 million views.

Kamel Amroune, CEO and founder of TechSense by The Dots and organizer of the event, expressed satisfaction that half of the attendees were girls. "We, TechSense, are determined to tackle the digital skills shortage by promoting greater involvement of young people in the areas of technology, innovation and digital. We are happy to see that a lot of girls joined this event dealing with areas in which women are currently underrepresented", he said.

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