How this changing world is shaping our learning experience

Techsense team I 3:22 pm, 24th February

Organizations and people are embracing continuous professional learning more and more. This type of learning, in fact, is an opportunity to develop talent to better understand and surmount today’s and tomorrow’s challenges, but it’s also one of the answers to the skills shortfalls companies face nowadays. 

These challenges are immensely linked–but not exclusively–to the digital context we are living and are evolving in, which is quite different from the one that prevailed 20 years ago. To that, one has to add the significant and notorious shift towards sustainability. As a consequence, training needs are increasing. 

Etienne Hirsch, Head of PwC Academy Luxembourg, wrote a blog post that examines the importance of lifelong learning for organizations and their people so they can be both part of the changing world and world-changers as well. It also delves into how the learning experience itself is evolving with relentless technological developments.

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Source: PwC Luxembourg

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