How to Attract More IT Talents?

Techsense I 12:28 pm, 11th October

The demand for tech talent is ever-growing as companies try to beat their competition by pushing the boundaries of innovation. Tech positions such as Data Scientists, AI, and Machine Learning specialists are much sought after, but the talent pool for many such IT roles is limited.

The global tech industry is experiencing rapid growth, and with it, the demand for specialized labor is also skyrocketing. Attracting more IT talent to your company is becoming increasingly difficult as there are not enough tech workers to meet the growing demand. However, you may adopt certain approaches that can help you attract more IT talent to your company.

Learn tech jargons

One effective way to source the right tech talent is to become familiar with tech jargon. When you understand the difference between various tech terms, you will be able to write enticing job descriptions that may motivate more IT talent to apply to your company. Understanding the various tech terms may also help you properly interview the candidates, ensuring that you hire the best ones for the job.

Create a tech-savvy career site

According to LinkedIn, 59% of all candidates visit the company website after discovering a job. Creating a career page that is attractive to IT talent can help you attract more tech talent to your company. Companies can also use their blogs to give a sneak peek to tech talent into their company culture.

Hire a technical recruiter

If your job description does not make sense to tech professionals, they may not apply to your company. Non-technical recruiters would have to spend a considerable amount of time learning the company’s technology and systems. Even then, it may be difficult for them to write an enticing job description. Hiring a technical recruiter, because of their familiarity with technology and the recruitment process, can help you attract more tech professionals to apply to your job openings. A technical recruiter would also be better at screening candidates and, with their contacts in the industry, can give you access to a wider talent pool.

Create your presence in the local tech community

Another way to attract more tech talent is to send a recruiter to social events that attract a lot of tech workers. You may also create a local network with other tech companies and seek help in recruiting IT workers. Joining tech community websites, forums, and marketplaces can also be a good way to generate leads. You may also advertise your company locally to establish yourself as a successful tech company.

Organize local events for tech workers

Holding tech events can help you showcase your existing tech talent but also attract more prospective tech workers. These events can also be a good meeting spot for tech workers to meet, connect, and learn from each other.

As much as it is important to attract tech talent, it is also crucial to retain the ones you already have. You may offer training and certification opportunities to retain your IT workers. Not only will you have more qualified workers, but your tech talent would also benefit from challenging and improving themselves. 

Use specialized recruitment platforms as to find and recruit tech experts

Much more effective than LinkedIn and job boards, the advantage for companies is that there is no subscription fee, you only pay a small fee (10% of yearly salary package) if you effectively hire a candidate. That's 2-3 times cheaper than traditional recruitment agencies and head hunters. The market leader in Luxembourg with more than 200 active companies recruiting is

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