François Mousel, Managing Partner-elect, introduces new Country Leadership Team for PwC Luxembourg

PwC I 10:26 am, 13th March

It is with great pleasure that PwC Luxembourg announces the new Country Leadership Team (CLT), as voted by the Firm’s partners on 10 February, 2023. This dynamic and diverse new leadership possesses a wealth of local and international client experience. They are committed to a strategy of growth, bringing increased value to PwC and its people  and— just as importantly—to the economy of Luxembourg. The freshly appointed members will take legal office as of 1 July, 2023.


We are pleased to announce the Partners elected to compose our New CLT as of 1 July 2023 with:

    - Olivier Carré, Technology & Transformation Leader and Deputy Managing Partner

    - Isabelle Dauvergne, Assurance Leader

    - Björn Ebert, Financial Services Leader

    - François Génaux, Advisory Leader

    - Roxane Haas, People Leader

    - Vincent Lebrun, Tax Leader

    - Cécile Liégeois, Clients & Markets Leader

Led by Managing Partner François Mousel and composed of eight members, the line-up of the new CLT  brings the three traditional business lines, the market dimensions as well as two roles, reflecting the business priorities of the Firm over the coming four years:

- First, having a Technology & Transformation leader gives recognition to the broad shift that is occurring in our service delivery, the wider technology adoption, and the increasing expectations and needs in terms of managed services.

- Additionally, the People dimension is recognised as a challenging topic in the Luxembourg market. This dimension is critical to support the ambitious evolution of the business planned over the next four years and beyond, specifically amidst the challenges in recruitment and retention as well as the evolution of our service delivery by capacity located outside Luxembourg.

François Mousel, Managing Partner-elect says, “Careful consideration and consultation with the broader partnership went into the selection of our diverse Country Leadership Team and significant work currently goes into the transition from one leadership team to this new one to ensure a smooth and successful succession. It’s a well diversified team in terms of age, gender, nationality and business background. These new leaders stand fully behind our common vision to become the most impactful, dynamic and trusted partnership for our clients and all our stakeholders, in Luxembourg and beyond its borders. This means first and foremost that we remain a leader and role model in our key markets and continue attracting and building the resources and expertise to support that ambition. We are firmly on a growth trajectory and I have full confidence in my CLT members that they will serve, through their energy, commitment, skills and values, our partnership, while we are moving through the next step of our Firm’s evolution.


Commitment to the future, collaboration with our clients and the community around us.

PwC Luxembourg, as part of PwC’s global network of nearly 328,000 people is a community of solvers – dedicated to managing the challenges and seizing the opportunities that lie ahead. The aim is to offer the best mix of human and technological savoir-faire to support our clients who are facing new challenges. Our role is to successfully support our clients and make positive contributions to the society we all share, and that means helping our stakeholders navigate a successful path forward. We innovate on our core growth priorities. Our  values - integrity, make a difference, care, work together, and reimagine the possible - ensure that the company operations remain streamlined, work seamlessly with each other and are focused on its primary goals.

Starting March 27, PwC Luxembourg will be launching an extensive campaign so that people can get to know the new PwC Luxembourg Country Leadership team. The campaign, which will commence by introducing Olivier Carré, Technology & Transformation Leader and Deputy Managing Partner in his new upcoming role, will roll out over several weeks.

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