Empower Your AI Experience: Harnessing the Power of AI Safely and Privately

EBRC I 11:20 am, 20th March

Most organizations in Luxembourg are aware of the massive advantages of cloud computing, and they are increasingly recognizing the business benefits of integrating AI, especially considering the cost/benefit ratio of AI in the cloud. However, how can one fully harness the benefits of AI without compromising safety, security, and privacy, which are particularly critical points in Luxembourg? Private AI may be a top-notch solution to address this pressing question. 

Cloud deployments are inevitable for any organization looking to expand its digital business in a cost-effective and sustainable way. The privacy and security concerns are no longer hindering the trend towards more cloud computing. Opting for a hybrid cloud allows organizations to leverage the size and scalability provided by the public cloud while addressing privacy, security, and compliance concerns through the integration of a private cloud component. Hybrid cloud and multicloud environments, like those being developed through the Strategic Cloud Initiative by EBRC, POST, Elgon and Digora, represent the trusted sovereign path forward for any digital business.  

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