“DORA readiness: 365 Days Left”: a path to compliance with the Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) one year before new regulation application

Nastassia Haux I 2:02 pm, 20th March

On Wednesday, March 13th, 2024, "DORA Readiness: 365 Days Left", organized by Anidris and sponsored by PwC Luxembourg, Dell Technologies and Thales, took place at PwC's Crystal Park Building. The event gathered over 150 attendees.

Rescheduled due to severe weather disruptions, the "DORA Readiness: 365 Days Left" event took place on Wednesday, March 13th, 2024. Originally planned for January 17th, 2024, precisely 365 days before the DORA regulations' application on January 17 th, 2025, the event strategically aligned with the impending regulatory change. The rescheduling does not diminish the organizers' intentional commitment to addressing the importance and urgency of DORA implementation.

The event, held at PwC Luxembourg Crystal Park Building, witnessed an impressive turnout, drawing more than 150 industry leaders, experts, and participants. This participation underscored the collective commitment to navigating the digital future of the financial sector.

A comprehensive agenda guided participants through a day of engaging discussions and workshops highlighting key themes of DORA compliance and cyber resilience. The morning sessions included two keynotes and round table discussions with experts from Anidris, PwC Luxembourg, Quintet Private Bank, Lombard International, Spuerkeess, Thales and Dell Technologies.
The first half of the day concluded with a networking lunch.

The event's program seamlessly transitioned into an afternoon of workshops, offering participants a deeper dive into specific topics, such as DORA compliance, cyber resilience, and recovery from a cyber-attack, both in English and French.

Read our post-event article to get key information and expert perspectives that made the success of “DORA Readiness: 365 Days Left”.

“As we reflect on the success of the event, our gratitude extends to all attendees, speakers, and sponsors who played a crucial role in making this event a milestone in our journey towards digital resilience”, said Giovanni Cuoco, Managing Director at Anidris.

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