CSOFTWARE leverages LUXHUB’s open banking-powered solutions

LUXHUB I 9:01 am, 4th May

LUXHUB, the Open Banking pioneer based in the heart of Europe, today announces that CSoftware is now efficiently leveraging several of its Account Information and Payment Initiation Services. In its continuous process of supporting clients in their digitization, CSoftware is therefore adding financial data aggregation and payment modules to its FERA platform.

One of CSoftware’s main products, FERA– which stands for Functional Efficient Real-time Application – consists of a Digital Platform, and its set of solutions with an integrated tool for business management, destined to support the growth and development of SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises), craftsmen, independent workers, and more. Moreover, CSoftware is a “Fit4Digital” Luxinnovation-certified company, and the FERA experts can therefore efficiently support clients with the implementation of SME Packages.

Already supporting them with many functionalities, ranging from – and not limited to – Business Management, Invoicing and e-Invoicing (PEPPOL), Expenses Management, Folders and tasks with automated workflows, Documents and Project Management, CRM, Timesheets, etc., FERA’s ambition is on the one hand to enable the efficient digital transformation of its customers, and on the other hand to offer a proven business management tool with a 360-degree view on time. With its unique set of functionalities, FERA provides a complete platform and a frictionless experience, suitable for all industries through Web, Smartphone or Tablet.

The addition of the LUXHUB-powered AIS (Account Information Services) & PIS (Payment Initiation Services) modules strengthens FERA’s value proposition, adding useful banking account information and smooth payment initiation services that will benefit end-customers.

Victor Cunha, CEO of CSoftware, highlights: “by providing our clients with these new features, we are enabling them to save time on the one hand and consolidate their financial data on the other, giving them a more accurate and real-time view of the health of their business. It notably drastically facilitates the fastidious processes, while adding more flexibility to daily operations.

We are clearly entering the Open Banking era, and giving more flexible, secure as well as user-friendly solutions to our customers. This matches our overall vision and ambition of building an easy-to-use tool destined to entrepreneurs to efficiently drive their business. In this respect, we are providing them with a powerful software and a consolidated view of their processes and operations”.

With this integration, FERA becomes the first business-enabling digital platform to leverage the Account Information and Payment Initiation services provided by the Open Banking pioneer.

Nuno Francisco, Product Owner and Business Manager, underlines: “by adding innovative services such as the ones provided by LUXHUB, we are continuously working on improving the overall value of FERA, always trying to understand how we can efficiently support our clients.

Open Banking-powered & added-value services

By leveraging LUXHUB’s AIS (Account Information Services) license, the customers of FERA can directly retrieve their bank account information (account details, balance, transactions) assuming they have full access to the account and that the latter is with one of the banks connected to LUXHUB’s ONE platform. Moreover, the Open Banking pioneer, through its PIS license, enables the users of FERA to initiate payments via any of the banks connected to the ONE platform, with a simple integration.

Eventually, the combination of account aggregation and payment initiation services provides customers with frictionless experiences, supporting SMEs and any other type of customers, to facilitate their business management,” explains Ramzi Dziri, Head of Product at LUXHUB.

We are proud to onboard CSoftware and to make our AIS and PIS solutions available within their proven FERA platform. Eventually this partnership enables the deployment of innovative solutions for the benefit of the customers of FERA they are now able to take full advantage of the numerous Open Banking opportunities and advantages that revolve around security, ease of use and flexibility,” concludes Sandrine Sertelet, Sales Manager, LUXHUB.

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