5 lessons to learn from technology women leaders

Techsense Team I 11:35 am, 30th September

Women make up 47% of the total workforce in the US. However, when it comes to the technology sector, things aren’t so good. Despite women making up nearly half of the entire workforce, only a quarter of all the tech jobs are held by women.

The numbers do not look great, but surviving against all odds, many women have successfully handled leadership positions in the technology sector. These women are noteworthy not because of how successful they are but also because of how they reached there. The lives of these women leaders in the tech sector are an inspiration and there are many lessons one can learn from them.

Here are 5 lessons you can learn from technology women leaders.

Never stop learning

Technology evolves at a rapid speed and to keep up with the changes, it is crucial to continuously keep learning. Instead of having a fixed mindset develop a growth mindset that will help you grow in life. When you have a growth mindset, life-long learning is an expectation.

Learning new things helps you generate new ideas. The more you learn, the more ideas and knowledge you can share with your team and others. Learning is a major driver behind a fulfilling life and a successful career.

Keep an open mind

Change is inevitable and keeping an open mind allows you to embrace change better. Open-mindedness is a character quality that allows you to think critically and rationally. Learning new things is important but unlearning outdated or incorrect beliefs is equally important for personal growth.

When a person is close-minded, they are reluctant to consider anyone’s viewpoints other than their own. Open-mindedness helps you consider other ideas and perspectives which propel your career growth.

Aim high

Thinking big and aiming high is crucial for success. Many people fail to achieve their goals because the goals do not motivate and inspire them. When you set a big enough goal, it excites you and motivation comes from within.

When your goals are ridiculously high and you fail, you fail above everyone’s success. Like they say, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.”

Challenge yourself

Your greater competitor is you. Every day you should strive to become a little better than what you were yesterday. When you challenge yourself and succeed, your confidence in your abilities increases. Challenging yourself does not only increase your knowledge and skills, it also helps to grow the belief that you can.

Lead by example

Successful women tech leaders are where they are today because of their excellent leadership skills. When you lead by example, you create a picture of what’s possible. You can expect your team to meet and exceed targets only if you hold yourself to the same standards.

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