Be Blockchain Joins Tezos Ecosystem as a Corporate Baker

BE Blockchain I 9:50 am, 11th May

Today, Be Blockchain, the Belgium company specialized in consulting and integration of blockchain solutions in Fintech and creative industries, has formally announced that it has expanded its involvement within the Tezos ecosystem as a corporate baker. By officially becoming a baker, Be Blockchain will now validate transactions and add them to the Tezos blockchain.

Be Blockchain joins the growing number of global enterprises electing to become block validators on Tezos. Becoming a baker is one of the best ways to become acclimated to the network and incentivizes its active participation in Tezos’ development. Being a baker allows enterprises to personally vouch for the security and verifiability of the network and exemplifies a corporation’s applying a forward-thinking, scalable investment in bleeding-edge technology.

Becoming a corporate baker for Tezos is a great opportunity for us to get involved in the ecosystem and extend our offering to our customers. What appealed to us about Tezos' technology was the ability, as a corporate baker, to significantly increase the usability of blockchain payments by avoiding the gas fees management by the end-users.” Harold Kinet, CEO at Be Blockchain.

Be Blockchain brings together highly complementary entrepreneurs and Web3 experts. The management team is made up of 3 co-founders, each specialized in their sector, namely cyber security, finance and business development. With a strong experience in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency, the team has already led several projects related to the sector, including INO, ICOs and TGE in Europe. With these partners, Be Blockchain is able to manage a complex Web3 innovation project from ideation to development. Although specialised in Fintech and creative industries, notably linked to the main product under development, namely d-event, a trustless platform for managing ticketing and cashless in the event industry, the company is active in various sectors such as the diamond industry, DID/SSI (decentralized identity / Self-sovereign identity) and cyber security.

Tezos is an open-source platform that addresses key barriers facing blockchain adoption for assets and applications backed by a global community of validators, researchers, and builders. Tezos is the world’s most advanced and energy efficient blockchain, using proof of stake technology which has an exponentially lower impact on the environment than proof of work technology, used by other market-leaders. In 2021 alone, the Tezos network processed over 50 million transactions with the energy consumption equivalent to 17 global citizens.

With this announcement, Be Blockchain is making a strategic decision to utilize a protocol anchored in French scientific research, energy-efficient and whose implementation is facilitated both by its open-source philosophy and by Nomadic Labs’ technical support.

Be Blockchain has launched delegations services around Tezos and seeks to become a pro-active participant of the Tezos ecosystem.

We are particularly delighted to welcome Be Blockchain as a corporate baker to the Tezos ecosystem; considering the strategic interest of a baker relying on the Scaleway sovereign cloud, with significant ability to scale the node deployment for Tezos,” said Louis Chevalier, Adoption Manager in BENELUX at Nomadic Labs.

Press Release by BE Blockchain

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