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CyberSecurity Week


virtual event i 8:30 am, 18th October

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about event

Why should you be part of it ?

Cybersecurity is not only among the greatest challenges of the digital economy, but it has also turned into a proper field with high potential in terms of new skills, jobs, and growth. It is regularly highlighted as one of the most important trends for the next decade, beyond the scope of the ICT industry. The Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg is the milestone for all professionals to learn, network, and create opportunities for themselves or their organization.

Why Luxembourg?

For 20 years, the Grand Duchy has considered cybersecurity as the backbone of its digital economy. From the financial and banking sector to the national startups’ ecosystem, private and public actors work in a comprehensive relationship for the greater benefit of all. Luxembourg is also one of the European capitals, hosting multiple institutions dealing with sensitive data such as the European Commission’s departments, the European Court of Justice, or the European Investment Bank. All these factors position the country as a key actor at regional and international levels.

How to participate?

The Cybersecurity Week Luxembourg is made of a large number of events targeting various audiences. As an individual or organization’s representative, you have the opportunity to attend most of the events for free. Only the technical expert conference, the, and the Cybersecurity Gala are neither free nor open for all.


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upcoming events

Workshops GED, workflow & RPA.

9:30 am, 25th November

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Cyberstories by Cyberforce.

4:00 pm, 18th October

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Infrachain Summit.

9:00 am, 18th November

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